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All Those Scammers!

There's one simple truth about doing business on Hack Forums: scammers exist, and they are plentiful. Let this database be your guide through the people ofHF's marketplace. Never do business with a known scammer again!

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Do NOT trust any of the information on this site!

This site is simply a demo for a guide I am in the process of writing. Under no circumstances do I support, endorse or back the information you may find on this site. This site is not an official database and holds no legitimate value as a resource for scam reports.

Please feel free to reset the database back to factory settings at any given point.

Clicking that button, by the way, does not qualify as hacking.

Get Involved!

This project was started because I decided I would write a guide on Node.js/Angular.js/MongoDB (for my blog and Hack Forums). I'm writing the application (what you're seeing) as I have the time, and then writing the guide afterwards. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved!

Fork this repo, make some changes and send me pull requests! Whether it's a typo, bug fix, new feature, refactor, etc.- just get involved on this little open-source project! No pull request will be ignored. And if you do, you'll receive credit where due! But most importantly, it's the chance to get in on a little open source project and have some fun.

Some of the technologies that are being used, and will (at least briefly) be covered in the guide:

JavaScript on the server
Simple web framework for Node.js
Great testing framework written on Node.js for JavaScript
BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) testing framework for Node.js
HTTP testing framework for Node.js
MVC framework for JavaScript (client-side), written by Google.
A document-orientated database management system (NoSQL)
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